Ball Caps

Rescue and Salvage Ship Ball Caps ā€” $24.95 plus $3.00 shipping

USS Hoist ARS-40 ball cap imageWear your ship’s ball cap proudly!

This six-panel cap is made from a high quality wool blend and includes an adjustable velcro closure on back. Be sure to provide your ship’s name and hull number below. You will be prompted for your mailing address and credit card information upon checkout. Please allow ten business days for delivery.

Scroll down for a list of the ships we offer. To request caps for other ships, please contact me via the form on my contact page.

Ship’s name and hull number

Diver Class

USS Diver (ARS-5)
USS Escape (ARS-6)
USS Grapple (ARS-7)
USS Preserver (ARS-8)
USS Shackle (ARS-9)
USS Protector (ARS-14)
USS Cable (ARS-19)
USS Chain (ARS-20)
USS Curb (ARS-21)
USS Current (ARS-22)
USS Deliver (ARS-23)
USS Grasp (ARS-24)
USS Safeguard (ARS-25)
USS Seize (ARS-26)
USS Snatch (ARS-27)
USS Valve (ARS-28)
USS Vent (ARS-29)
USS Clamp (ARS-33)
USS Gear (ARS-34)

Anchor Class

USS Anchor (ARS-13)
USS Extractor (ARS-15) Lost on 24 Jan 1945
USS Extricate (ARS-16) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS Restorer (ARS-17)
USS Swivel (ARS-36)
USS Weight (ARS-35)

Bolster Class

USS Bolster (ARS-38)
USS Conserver (ARS-39)
USS Hoist (ARS-40)
USS Opportune (ARS-41)
USS Reclaimer (ARS-42)
USS Recovery (ARS-43)